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Medical EPSS

Compensation Service's Medical Electronic Performance Support System (Medical EPSS) is an online job reference and information tool. It is also a valuable training resource. The Compensation Service Medical EPSS provides medical information, tutorial information related to medical terminology and issues, numerous graphics to illustrate various medical definitions and concepts, and special considerations that RVSRs should account for when doing ratings. All of this information is provided within the context of the body systems of the Rating Schedule and the Diagnostic Codes.

The Compensation Service Medical EPSS will enable an RVSR to be more productive by enabling her or him to obtain necessary medical information faster. The split-screen design allows access to a tremendous amount of information at one time. The Medical EPSS includes a Help Guide designed to provide information about how to find and access information contained throughout the website. Notwithstanding the inclusion of this feature, we anticipate the need for further interaction with station training coordinators and end users in order to ensure that this tool is used, and used in the manner for which it was designed. Medical EPSS is accessible via the intranet by clicking on the link above or at: Click on the following link for a short video that demonstrates the newest version of the MEPSS:

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